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★ Album Name: UGIRLS – Ai You Wu App No.1507
About Model:
★ Name: Lin Ruo Han (林渃晗)
★ Birthday: 1992-05-22
★ Height: 148 Cm
★ Body weight: 58 kg
★ Measurements: B91(D) W58 H84
★ Job: Car models, actors
★ Born: Dalian, Liaoning, China
★ Interest: Golf, swimming, calligraphy, dancing
★ Nation: China
🎯🎯🎯 林渃晗,内地车模、演员、歌手,毕业于北京传媒大学,通力唱片旗下艺人,2015年6月发行单曲《天黑还很远》,2015年9月发行单曲《我痴痴的等待换来狠狠的伤害》,2016年3月发行单曲《一定能做到》,2016年11月发行单曲《指上花》。此外她先后为屈臣氏、玉兰油、安娜苏逐梦翎雀香水等知名企业拍摄过平面广告及形象代言
🎯🎯🎯Lin Donghan, a car model, actor, and singer from the Mainland, graduated from Beijing Communication University, an artist under KONE Records, released the single “Dark is still far away” in June 2015, and released the single “I’m waiting for you in madness” in September 2015 In exchange for severe damage,” the single “I can do it” was released in March 2016, and the single “Finger Flower” was released in November 2016. In addition, she has successively shot print advertisements and image endorsements for well-known companies such as Watsons, Olay, Anna Sui Meng Lingping Perfume.
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