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★ Album Name: UGIRLS – Ai You Wu App No.1528
About Model:
★ Name: Qiao Ya Bing (乔雅冰) – 乔艺Yogurt
★ Birthday: 1992-06-03
★ Height: 170 Cm
★ body weight: 49 KG
★ Measurements: B90(D) W60 H89
★ Job: Models, advertising spokespersons, push girls
★ Born: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China
★ Interest: Hobbies, singing, sitting in a coffee shop and reading, yoga
★ Nation: China
🎯🎯🎯Joanna, nicknamed Qiao Yi Yogurt, is a plane model in mainland China and an internet celebrity. Participated in an online game endorsement selection in February 2013. With his extraordinary Qiao Yabing’s expressive power and three-dimensional exquisite facial features, he was selected by the model agent. Since then, he has entered the entertainment circle and began to shoot multiple magazine pages. Officially signed a contract to become a special model for the magazine Xin Wei. In September 2013, Qiao Yabing again tried to shoot micro-films. Since the second half of 2013, he has officially entered the performing arts business and has now signed a contract with Starlight Performing Arts. In January 2014, Qiao Yabing won the “Annual Online Popularity Beauty Award” at the first Blooming Shinshen Beauty Awards.
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