🔰UGIRLS – Ai You Wu App 💖#BeautifulStockgirls💖 Fang Zi Xuan (方子萱) – Mu Qing (沐青) Part 01✅Color Life✅


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★ Album Name: UGIRLS – Ai You Wu App No.1527
About Model:
★ Name: Fang Zi Xuan (方子萱) – Mu Qing (沐青)
★ Birthday: 1995-02-14 ★ Height: 172 Cm
★ Measurements: B86 W60 H90
★ Body weight: KG
★ Job: Plane model
★ Born: Nan’an District, Chongqing, China
★ Interest: Singing, listening to music, fashion, music
★ Nation: China
🔰🔰🔰方子萱,别名方痘痘,昵称沐青,内地平面模特,尤果模特,来自重庆南岸区,语录:躲得过对酒当歌的夜 躲不过四下无人的街
🔰🔰🔰Fang Zixuan, alias Fangpox, nicknamed Mu Qing, a plane model in the mainland, a model of Youguo, from Nan’an District, Chongqing, quotation: Can’t escape the night of drinking and singing, but can’t hide in the streets without people.
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