#MrXgirl Love Mu Fei Fei (穆菲菲) Part 03 Album UGIRLS – Ai You Wu App No.1412


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About Model:
★ Name: Mu Fei Fei (穆菲菲)
★ Other Name: Wei Feixia (魏飞霞)
★ Job: Plane model
★ Nation: China
★ Isued by: UGIRLS – Ai You Wu App No.1412
★ Birthday: 1993-06-14
★ Height: 170 Cm
★ Body weight: 43 kg
★ Measurements: B84 W60 H86
★ Born: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
★ Interest: Travel, singing, photography
★ Note: We do NOT own all the materials as well as footages used in this video. Please contact channel for copyright matters!. Thanks
Wei Feixia, nicknamed Mufeifei Angela, formerly known as Feigelababy, inland plane model, from Zhejiang Ningbo, Weibo 2018 football baby top 50 players, signature: I am safe if it is sunny
魏飞霞,昵称穆菲菲Angela,原昵称飛angelababy,内地平面模特,来自浙江宁波,微博2018足球宝贝50强选手,签名为:我若安好 便是晴天

#MrXgirl Love Mu Fei Fei (穆菲菲) Part 03 Album UGIRLS:

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