#MrXgirl Love Shen Mengyao (沈梦瑶) Part 01 Album TGOD 2021


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About Model:
★ Name: Shen Mengyao (沈梦瑶)
★ Job: Plane model
★ Nation: China
★ Isued by: TGOD 2016
★ Birthday: 1993-03-26
★ Height: 172 Cm
★ Measurements: B86 W59 H88
★ Born: Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
★ Interest: Violin, reading
★ Note: We do NOT own all the materials as well as footages used in this video. Please contact channel for copyright matters!. Thanks
Shen Mengyao, nicknamed Garfield mother, mainland plane model, network red man, the eighth national plane model contest city direct election district champion, a fund company has recently invited Shen Mengyao to its platform, Xue Manzi and others for her investment in her, now Fund managers of several securities companies have taken the initiative to add Shen Mengyao’s WeChat, and Shen Mengyao has also become a red man in the securities and financial circles.

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