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★ Album Name: XIUREN No.1268
About Model:
★ Name: Chen Mi Tao (沈蜜桃) – 沈蜜桃miko
★ Birthday: 1995-11-29
★ Height: 164 Cm
★ Measurements: B97 W68 H88
★ Job: Plane model
★ Born: Putuo District, Shanghai, China
★ Interest: Retro
★ Nation: China
★ Note: We do NOT own all the materials as well as footages used in this video. Please contact channel for copyright matters!. Thanks
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🔰🔰🔰Shen Mitao, nicknamed Shen Mitao off on Weibo, is a mainland graphic model, photo idol newcomer, an artist of Juntong Entertainment, a female fan of Big Nai Fei, who calls herself Nai Fei Junior Sister, and her breasts and belly are also expected. Cake is an art, bread is a science, life is an attitude, and happiness is a feeling.

🔰🔰🔰Part 01:
🔰🔰🔰Part 02:

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    God gifted BODY Miss Universe

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    Hey how come my Lips mark is still there i guess its Permanant

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    Woh sweet and spicy Double Cheese Burger so cute amazing figure liked it

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